Walks in the Park

And her skin was rippled with goosebumps

as I pulled her closer,

and she dropped her shirt

on the sand.

I had made sure we were far enough

into the park, right by the lake,

that no one could see us if

they drove in. She had a crippled

innocence which was only acceptable

because I had crippled it, in fact,

it was attractive. She laughed

out loud when I whispered

in her ear about how we had

covered our Spanish teacher's

mailbox in lighter fluid,

set it ablaze,

and hit it with a baseball bat.

When I got back, my mother

asked me if I had been

next door, at the party with

the troublemakers.

"Come on, Mom, you know I

don't hang out with those kids.

I'm better than that."

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