The Difference Between 1995 and 2002

When I was eleven,

I sat on my front lawn

and she turned around and waived

as she walked down the street

with her friend on the way

to get Cokes at the gas

station at the end of the

block. I smiled, and later

told Luke that even though

I didn't really know her

I thought she liked me -

like liked me - when the truth

was I thought she

looked sort of nice

that day.

Seven years later, I

was at Kevin's party

standing in the corner,

not drinking a beer, as

Mike cradled a case under

his arm and asked me

how my parents were (I think

he was on speed). Then

she walked in, I

hadn't seen her in forever

because I think she had

dropped out (They said

her dad used to hit her).

She was smiling, but not

happy, and Mike leaned over

and said, "This girl is

a real whore, she'll blow anyone."

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