No Regrets


Strangers wanting the same things

Don't speak, afraid of the pain it brings

Wanderlust, let lust wander

She's got a goal, and she's got a plan

But she'll never make as much as a man

Why then try, can't rectify


His eyes are falling to the floor

Her lips wish that they had said more

These things aren't simple so they say

So they just turn and walk away

But it's all right

Yeah, it's all right

They settle for mediocrity

Wasted chances, a travisty

Can't let go, can't let be

You're alive, you're terminally ill

It'll end someday, so get your fill

And if you fail, leave it in your will

Everyone preaching Carpediem

Who followed that, raise your hands, let's see em

We talk not act, act like we do

So add me to the chatting masses

Those cheating souls and kissing asses

If there's hope for me, there's hope for you

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