Around midnight she came on to me

With her bambi eyes and pouting lips

Soon translated to a casual touch

That flowed like sex from her finger tips


One thing leads on to another

Soon I go in for the kill

When I'm suddenly pushed away

She says she's not that kind of girl


Oh Please Cocktease, go kill yourself

We're actually here to have a little fun

If i want games, i'll end this trivial pursuit

The only good virgin is an innocent one

I picked her up around eight o'clock

She was dressed to kill with a perfume gun

Licked her lips and held my hand

I thought for sure the deal was done




They can be drunk naked and single

In a field of red red roses

Covered in whipped cream and gravy

And in Playboy worthy poses

But forget about scoring that hoe

You're better off with your buddy's fat sister

After all, who really cares?

As long as its dark and she's got no blisters


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