Guillotine For The Kerosene


Caught in the glow of approval ratings

Time to dominate, no more trading

They gave us an excuse, we gave them an attack

But our driving cause is what we're taking back

Self proclaimed Sentinels for everyone else

Ignoring our own problems we're dealt

America the proud, invincible its true

But don't forget at one time, England was too

Jesus saves but he doesn't feed

THe hatred and the greed of an ignorant breed

Say hello to your new imperial savior

But 100 years from now, they're gonna enslave ya

How do you expect me to support and enlist

When your policies have left my father jobless

Yeah, i love america, and if you did too

You'd stop bleeding the black for the red white and blue


Bring the guillotine for the kerosene

Cause a scene

Kill serene

Uncle Sam was not a fan

Of this plan

It's out of hand

30 years since the agent orange tossed

And left a million televised lives lost

Repeat the errors against a new invisible foe

With a machine gun water can to help it grow

Seeds of hate seal our fate

All for some oil at an affordable rate

Leader of the free world, we're payin the price

Now we're burnin the fields, used to burn the rice

Chorus x 2

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Listened to a lot of Rage Against the Machine before this song.

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