No Aloe Needed


The sun came up again

In a conversation with the devil

How she burnt and scathed and terrorized

As a blue sky crashing rebel

But under hazy lectric light

I take refuge from the day

And i do believe that i can't deceive

Our world only rotates one way


Cotton candy slashes bring memories of her eyes

The reflection, the glow

But memory lane is a road i won't go

Down for the count

No I won't go down for the count

Though i may have been down and out

Your ghosts can't put me down for the count

From a safe distance, i pinched it

With my fingers shadow casting

Until it fell behind the hills

But the lessons in its rays are everlasting

I'm lonesome but with solidarity

An independance unbreakable

Because tomorrow is another day

And of stopping me your uncapable


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