Treatise on Crowd Following

I'm stupid, young, sometimes I'm shovenstic

Rarely couth, so what? i'm realistic

Accepted wide can't help be elated

"He's going places" ego inflated

Cut my ears off, i've got nothing to hide

I'll speak my mind

But its only when

I know it gels with the group i'm in

Changing my surroundings

I can't change in my surroundings

Act high and mighty get another grounding

Instead influence with an affluence

Of character and self, condensed, i'm convinced

Just stay loyal to myself

If not

That's all i'll end up with

Is it just smart, or does it confuse

I consider it minding my Ps and Qs

It's worked so far, words i've adopted

But this bandwagon, can i get off it?

Cut my ears off, i've got nothing to hide

I've made my living

Twisting in fun

This sick sad world which i'm givin

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