Solitary Confinement

Junior Year

I am falling, now i descend

Through circles of Hell no man should transcend

Vibrating wrists and twitching left eye

Into the night my head doth cry

As the meek slowly take their stand

Quietly i sit, waiting for Charon's hand

Nothing but dark and solemn stone

No sound, save the zephyr that hath blown

My mind now splits into many others

Sin and saint from one become brothers

While in the corner I sit, knees to my chest

10 years gone from a woman's caress

Spit now hangs fromt he corner of my lip

Darkness arrives as a hellish ghost ship

Faintly I whisper from ear to ear

Now fading away the sap of fear

Here I'll remain until I die

Here in a room where the light is shy

Final memory, my bell starts to toll

A chilling guarantee from the warden's evil soul

"Your mind from you, we will deprive"

The worst punishment of all - I'm still alive

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