I Always Win

Winter 02-03

How many times have i been told " i hope you don't regret this?" How many times have i had to make a decision that had a big "impact" at that time? And soon after, I sometimes think, you know what, maybe i made the wrong decision. But then i look at where i am. I look at where i came from. And i like who i am, i like who i hold close to me, and i like where im going. It's hard to regret anything, when every decision, whether it seemed smart or dumb back then, has led to this life i now operate today. Don't think I've never smelled troubles. At one time, i was on a downward spiral like some of you, even those who whine about how hard life is, will never see. Don't pity me, i faught through, and i won. When i saw them again, so many years later, and i heard what happened to some of them, i knew i won. It may have taken years of hardship and healing, but i finally beat them.

No one has to lose. But you do have to conciously choose to win. When shit happens, you need to grab hold and say " No way. This is my only life, and i'm not gonna let the world outside control me."

The past has shown me that for better or worse, i affect those around me much more often than i let the world affect me. Can you, whoever you are, say that?

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