You Know Where You Can Find Me

You won't see me in the books of photos

I was thrown in the trash long ago

You won't see me in his smile

Because that's not when he remembers me

When he laughs, or makes you laugh

When he tells a story (over and over)

I am not there

Most of you haven't seen me ever

And most of you never will

He embraces who he is, i never did

He has a loyal group of friends

The few i had left me one by one long ago

He received nothing but praise

I was suppressed into nothing

I'm the one who cried in the bathroom all alone

I'm the one who wasn't invited

Who was afraid of dogs

Who didn't belong (to the country club)

I'm the "weird" one

I'm the loser

I'm the head case

I'm still there when he agonizes over something small

I'm still there when people whine about a life not so hard as they think

And you probably will never know i exist

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