I'm Just Your Average Cold

Senior Year

I’m just your average cold

Yes, so common and old

I try to be a big disease

But all you do is sneeze

I can’t be a tumor

Or an enzyme consumer

No havoc on the bladder

Nor can I make your nerves shatter

Mono seems mean to me

Blindness is that times three

If I could be a headache at least

Or an infection of yeast


Maybe I’m selling it short

Or I’m too quick to abort

With me no note is sung

Yeah, you’ll be coughing up a lung

And I can make your throat sore

Sinuses shook to the core

Not near a wound from a gun

Oh! But watch your nose run

I guess it ain’t so bad

I’m emphyzema’s dad

I get the summer off til fall

Then there’s the best of all

No matter what you do

Even take a pill or two

There’s no doctor you can see

Who can get rid of me!

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