Urban Wild

You wait so long and finally it comes

Show up grow up, time to get your go up

Whistling a tune that others only hum

Drink it down boy, its reality's cup

Used to roll down the street, people saw and they knew

People would comment about me and my crew

Surgically removed, he's gone without a trace

Moving on down, he glides in a new place

Rode in like the lone ranger

Left identity back where i roam

Everyone's familiar with a stranger

Try to get used to my new home

Can't tell you why, cause i don't know who you are

Stuck with little money, even less of a car

It's hard to adjust with all these people all around

Themselves also trying to find some common ground

Finally we're here, no problems anymore

Except for the ones, knockin down my door

Elementary school, all over again

The struggles not in class, but to find a friend

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