Soul For Fortune

Well I'm singing to some ghosts

Down at the place where the beggers boast

Bout their GNP and their big company

A fortune 500 in rags

Don't tell me about a fall from grace

Can't you see its written all over my face

Eyes buckled shut and my ears have been cut

Rough like a carpet of shag

I know that i could go farther

But i tell myself why bother?

I'm comfy right here with a gripe and a beer

In my two-room iron maiden

They'll call me Napoleon

After his whole army had gone

A star only bright with an artificial light

Better fake than faded?

Wore high society like a shall

Now i'm reduced to a fly on the wall

But put out an image, a powerful visage

Better fake than faded

Piss away what i used to be

Trade soul for fortune, sounds good to me

Sealed with a kiss, i've completed this

Tragic betrayal of self


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