So Hard, So Fast

Suddenly, so hard and so fast

Things from maybe become the past

And the roller coaster, it may scare

Afraid the scars might open and tear

If again they are exposed

By the sun of a kinder heart supposed

The mind says no cause it can't feel

Is this pain again, is this for real?

No one can tell what will take place

But a life assuming becomes a waste

(bridge, its a song, the bridge goes here)

I can tell what happened without a word

You know i do, from your pen i heard

I understand then the need for breaks

But don't leave the car for heaven's sake

I can't convince, must come from within

I just pray i don't pay another's sin

And if so it happens I'm left in the cold

Let i be from my failure to break their mold

Just know your head struggles to distinguish

Which fires your heart should extinguish

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