Lyrical Sambuca

This was originally somewhat of a freestyle rap done one night while under the influence of, you guessed it, Sambuca. Managed to write it down, the next day put some cheap music to it and bam, you got a funny little ditty.

Fell asleep tonight with a nasty hangover

Drank a cup a coffee, start to feel sober

Did some shots of sambuca

Inhaled from the hooka

Got medieval like veruca

Salt, a lyrical assault

Was driving my car, cop says halt

Felt a jerking motion

What’s this commotion?

She says you can’t go

Traffics movin’ slow

Lack of silly words gonna kill my flow

So I just fly

The girls aren’t shy

Got more digits than the number pi

So I give one a call

This girl was kinda tall

Six foot blonde, you know she had it all

“Stop on by” she said

Mighta gone to my head

Cause when I show up, my baby had fled

But I just moved on

To the next little fawn

Her brunette sister that they call Dawn

I said I might love you

She said I might too

Before I know it, Im stuck like glue

Until I wake up

Empty coffee cup

It’s too late, she’s asking for a prenup

I don’t mean to scare

I know its not fair

But I gotta jet like a plane in the air

I’m back where I started

Twin sisters departed

No more shots, bottle discarded

Sambuca’s done

So is my fun

I’m sorry I put my liver on the run


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