Final Exams

When I was ten,
I carefully dissected a baby pig
The class; we were excited.

A bear devours a family
While they are camping in the woods.

It is impolite to bleed at the dinner table.

I have no thumbs
to grip the scalpel.
Stop making excuses -
Precision, precision.
I think that's what it is,
that seperates us from them.
Bears can't drag blades
Across their own wrists either...
Does that make them civilized?

It is impolite,
It is impolite,
It is impolite.

A bear is unaware
of its own gall bladder.

Larynx, arteries, soul
See the advantages I've gained!

I walked past a man who was a stranger
He said, "Hello," to me,
and I wondered what the hell was wrong with him.
Instantly, I felt ashamed.
But at least

I don't bleed at the dinner table
Ah, to be civilized.

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