Angel with a Dirty Face

Mombi's Heads

This will not be sentimental

Because that would drive you mental

If sent a dozen roses as dishes rose in the sink

But it will be meant

In relentless depths

As much as I am able

To cleft words lent to my lips

So here it is:


First meeting approached like a weary soldier

Grizzled, resigned

Does she look like a grizzly?

No? That's a good sign; I'm sold

Then you were funny

I didn't once wonder "is this joke improper?"

Because you'd already offered worse taste

Delicious dishes of four letters

At least my Tuesday would not be wasted


In nine months time

Proposal perfect; beautiful

Buried in buttes of blizzard

The grand first plan was cancelled

And I can't sell the backup as worthwhile

When push came to shove

I stooped in slush

During a brief break from shoveling

To brush bunches of snow from cars

"Is he doing lunges?"

I tease you that you did not cry

But you saw me coming (like always)

This is life!

The fairy tale is fairly stale

And pales to the truth

It is not the dreaming of castles

Half dug love tunnels that

Could collapse from above

The palace is a fallacy

Rather, digging out from under

The world's burdens concurrent

With a pause to say

I'll be by you in the snow forever

I just know it

And you reply, without a tear to cry

No shit.


The things I love sound like

A scavanger hunt 

Pursue raccoons at night

Ravaged scratchies of forbidden fortunes

Mortal enemy of tall turkeys

I say, "I like your shirt"

"Is that how you flirt?"

"Pass the toilet paper"

Naked; no coyness capers

From her eyes like bugs

Even when I bug, mild 

A lot to put up with

She tolerates the child


Anybody can get a princess

At a cost excessive (plus interest)

Not my queen

My pickle fiend

Never mimicked

Limits my bullshit

As from pop-a-shot to paw patrol

We roll 

Idolized is not ideal

I deal with what's real

If I'm a bike, she's the wheels

We were millionaires for a minute

Maybe again someday

But until your Keno numbers come through

I'm happy bailing out the boat with you



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Great write. Dig it !

Great write. Dig it !