Solve for Ex

Mombi's Heads

"You'll have more fun without me

Because if I go, I'll just act miserable."


It made sense to me

Go stag, have fun with friends

No one will ask when you got dumped

...You can imagine the conversation

It's when I learned you can't treat the heart

Like an algebraic equation

If x is zero, then why must (this) be?

Tried to log off with logic

To be guilt free

Even as I told her it killed me to do it

Intuition; please sign my petition

To buy myself a clue

"How'd she do?"

"She looked angry. Very bitter."


Maybe I didn't consider enough

How rough my pittance of truth

Would feel in this instance

A python in a kissing booth

No malice, I swear it

Just the emotional IQ of a carrot

Care? I do,

Just hoping you'd see it my way

Ray of rage wrathfully graphed

You can see why acts this

Cold knocked her off her axis

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