Mombi's Heads

Arrogant heiress


Meant to be a savior

Instead, savor bad behavior


War paint



I'm too pretty to be yelled at

Hellcat selfish

Shellfish feelings

Bottom feeder

Brought me to a fever

In a sense, just add innocence

To make the cauldron bubble

Called on New Year's

Nothing but trouble for

The callow fellow

That guileless guy

She'll consume you

Foolish wounds to

Make you wiser

Wonderful teacher of treachery

Mr. Miyagi full of malarkey

Gorgon gorged on organs

Of stone corpses 

Wet behind the ears

Soft, the men you carved

Into rocks

Phoenix self-combusting

Engulfing flames complimentary

With every thrusting

Only you regenerate while others ashes

Are stashed in your nest 

A cocoon of those consumed 

To make you feel special

Essential to mention; but look!

You're running out of fuel

Flicker flicker lustful minstrel  

A Pied Piper who once attracted rats

The remains scattered

Now leads a morose chorus of ghosts

No remorse, soul-sucking sentry

Sent here for censure

You're just a rotting bucket


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