Gateway Chic

Mombi's Heads

Winter in New Haven

Felt young and masculine

Testosterone mescaline

This test tossed her over

Bored. Missed again.

We hunted the plains

Feigned interest in plans

For fashion degrees

Please, tell me more

As I hold the door

"I applied here

For and internship, actually."

Well, you'll get to know it quite intimately

Witness the dark

That's how

You ended up company

Of the virile chump

Fashion cash cow

Stain on the plain

Butchered up and served

For the absurd progression of gratification

Strip, T-Bone, Filet

The tender story of loin rejection

Flank, shank, chuck

The rough refute of the childish brute

Dumped on your rump

Peturbed on the curb

From a wasted romp of misbehaving

During the sojourn of winter in New Haven.

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