Mr. Clean

Mombi's Heads

This little piggy went to market

To buy some affirmation

The eyes of one won't do when two

Are set firm upon someone

Who can not handle such sensations


Greedy piggy

Your punishment shall be

A graffiti sculpture

The culprits laughing as you limp

Into the snowy sepulchre


Wound two will come

When you take flight

Landing in white banks

Starved for a fight


Yes, starving is the word

That's why you went to market

To buy a burn, the third


You'll wear a cast to caste her

Behind the gates of your subconscious

And in this way you might heal


Now she's ethereal 


I got my affirmation, apparition

A partial lesion, a scarlet A

I can cast into the snow

Let scars wash white

Let skin enclose

A bank vault scarce

Just one lock box with one deposit

A shriveled slug tossed in salt

A tryst stalled, a kiss caustic 


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