Damn, Sell This Dress

Mombi's Heads

My true desire conspires to lie

With another

Worth - what is it?

Glass tied to hope with a tourniquet

Choked, the princess lies


Alive on the outside

Glide through the neon car wash

Laid out on the slab

What to do

He'll do

I'm due

To find respite

Despite the slight

May all the mirrors shatter

Perhaps he's kind

Perhaps he'll matter

(It will not be the latter)

Backwards hat

Crude goatee

Hairy potter in a frat

It's like making love

To a yapping hacky sack

Will you please be quiet?

Will you quietly please?

Revoked, the "princess" lies


What am I doing here?

With this empty canteen

Vapid canned teen

The less we bring

The more we carry

Our backs loaded

Staked to the mooring

As we make our wary way

Into the streets of morning.

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