Your Oxen Died Fording the River

Mombi's Heads

She lied in layers

Under sheets

As I laid her down to sleep

Her midnight knock

"I know you're in there"

As I giggled in the dark

And spit 

On her distress

This dress, crumpled on the floor

The flicker of late night sermons

Determined not

To let this become a thing

But a fling flung from

The window

Down into the dirt

Stay buried

Like a treasure

But grimy and secret

Valueless leisure

Pogs, Furby, Tamigotchi

Watch what we burn

Smog in the lobby

Keep knocking

Until someone answers

Gigapet in my grip

I'll watch you starve

Then dismantle it

Batteries, plastic, passion

A pair of JNCOs

Never in fashion

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