Mombi's Heads

she crept in like a burglar

once in bed she was embedded

burrowed in between soft tissue

this is the issue

voluptuous vagabond

and me the cardboard box 

i shelter, i falter,

i collapse on us

i am no port in a storm

but the beacon above the rocks

inviting you to wreck

come, wrack!

at least we'll die with fingers on our backs

the waves that rise, that conspire

the ocean that creeps under as it plays

lay down and let it corrupt us

i played ignorant, i played innocent

i even hid myself in a tent

then lashed out, maimed, dismembered

this i must not remember

i shoveled dirt on the still writhing

while worms between my toes

hooked likes vines

a soiled undertow

don't rely, ally, i'll lie

in passion's grip

the captain goes down with his hips


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