Giving Up to You

It starts with hey

As I see your eyes

Looking up at me

Hunger deep inside

Slowly slide your way

Holding back my pride

Your hands touching me

Your lips crushing mine

See all these days

Gone and passed us by

As I grab you waist

As I lose my mind

Slipping off your clothes

Your flesh in disguise

Hardly breathing in


Breathing out so hard


Writhing slithering limbs

Holding onto what's left

Hands through my hair


Teeth in my skin

Hot breath on my neck

Sunrise closing in

Handfulls of your breasts

Slowly sliding within


Tongue nearing my ear

There's nothing left here


Still I'm


Giving up to you


Crashing into you and

Sinking into you

Breaking into you and

Blending into you

Tearing into you and

Melting into you

Knawing at this noose

Heating up the air

Giving up to you

Pulling at your hair

Giving up to you

Gasping for the air in such despair

Giving up to you

Escaping our impending fate by

Giving up to you


I love and I hate


Giving up to you


And yet I still I linger

As your hair flows like sand

Forever passing through my fingers


This is Giving up to you


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