No More Games to Play

Moving On

You tied me to you, held me on a string

And you held fast, made wounds to sting

You jerked me around, thought you had control

When you let go, dropped me in that dark hole

You left me there, you extinguished the light

Forgotten I waited, in the cold dark night

You never returned, you abandoned me there

You made me realize, life's cruel and unfair

I ran for months, I tried to hide

From the fear and the pain I felt inside

I went everywhere, from the mountains to the sea

Before I met the one who could set me free

A magical moment I felt by her

As the world flew by in a timeless blur

These wounds you left that felt so real

By her side they began to heal

When we parted, I felt restored

As blood from my wounds no longer poured

But that was to good in your eyes

And you came back to sow more lies

You thought you could drag me into your game

But it won't work, things aren't the same

I've seen what you do to those who care

Dragging them into your cold lair

You're a lot like a hornets' nest

You cannot stop one day to rest

You are cruel and evil, I've learned to see

You may fool others, but you won't fool me

I've played your game for far too long

When you thought I was weak, I grew strong

Don't think you can come back into my life

Find a new heart to bury your knife

But you'd better hurry before your through

Before others quit your game too

So good luck to you in your dark deeds

May you find someone to meet your needs

But don't come back to me, old friend

Because in my tale your chapter has reached an end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's been a while since I have written anything, but I think it is time I post again. I made this up on the spot, as I have been thinking to myself so late at night. Tell me what you guys think, and thank you for reading this!

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