Walking Away

Moving On

I've never been perfect, but why should I care

You've barely been kind; you've never been fair

I've always been here when he pushed you away

I stood by your side every night; every day


I'm sick now of living a life full of lies

Tired of hiding a pain I just can't disguise

As I'm busy fighting to set you free

You're fighting the wrong person, you're slowly killing me


You're pushing away me and all that I do

It hurts me so much, because I need you

The things that you say are so full of hate

But I still feel I'm bound by a thread of Fate


You're igniting my soul in burning flames

As you slowly crush me in your cruel games

Days, weeks, months go by without a word

But living without you still feels absurd


You're pushing me away and I'm falling apart

With a dying soul and a frozen heart

I'm fading now, you're forgetting me fast

As I try to make you my future, I become your past


You've locked me up like a mouse in a cage

I'm little more now than writing on a diary page

There is no where to hide, no place to run

As you pull the trigger on an emotional gun


My heart is bruised, my wrists are scarred

I ran to you, but you struck me hard

Each night I went home, running from life

From the pain of you, to the comfort of a knife


All that was then, but I'm healed now

I'm walking away, but I don't know how

I'm forgetting the fear, sadness, and pain

To this desert of my life, I will bring rain


So now I guess this is good-bye

I'll wave and then away I'll fly

Someday you'll regret it, trust me, you'll see

When you're this trapped, and I am free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well, this is my latest poem, and I feel really good about this one. I taking the pains in my life, and the sorrow caused by another, and I am leaving it behind to find happiness and joy. Enjoy.

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