It's utter joy and bliss
I want to live forever in a moment just like this
My mind feels like a jumbled mess
When you say my name, like a sweet caress

My will has simply gone away
I think of you every day
I can almost feel the air rush by
As every touch makes me fly

My world is like a perfect dream
Every moment perfect, without a seam
Everything is right when I'm with you
As I say this, I swear it's true

I'm weightless when I am in your eyes
They make me soar, make me rise
As I float, I see I'm going down
Falling from the skies; towards the ground

I feel like I'm dancing in the rain
I feel no sorrow, fear, or pain
Like a feather in the air
Always drifting without a care

Every feeling comes so fast
I really hope that this will last
I feel alive, so happy, too
Because I'm falling, falling for you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This isn't my normal style, but it is a very heartfelt poem, and it comes from very deep within. Enjoy.

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