Deep in a world of shadows
This is where I now stand
In a land where sorrow consumes joy
This is where I live
In a land where the only light
Comes from menacing eyes
This is where I am trapped

I still remember
When I was free
Standing in the light
In a land of grass and flowers
Where birds sang and the sun shined
And where you stood next to me
A friend in this world

I was oblivious, ignorant, and stupid
I chased another and you followed
But slowly
A realization came over me
And yelled "Look what you have!"
I looked to my side
And standing there was you

The emotions rushed,
Realization set in
And I took a step back,
Back into the realm of shadows

I realized what I always wanted
Was you
I'd had it all along
And then I realized to have you
Meant to risk our loyal friendship

That is when the darkness enveloped me
And I was lost
Within the real of shadows
Deep within the real of shadows

All I do now is think of you
As I search for a way out
And I think if I escape
I will tell you everything
But the more I look for hope
The darker the realm of shadows grow

Within my mind, within my soul
The light doesn't exist here
The eyes are drawing near now
I don't know how long I can survive
Trapped in this realm of shadows

If I can never get out
I want you to know
If I could go back in time
I'd tell you how I feel
I'd try and save myself from this Hell

I'm becoming cold as ice
I feel like a vampire
A zombie returned to life
My heart is barely beating
My soul is becoming my cage
The eyes are closing in
And I hear their cruel laughter

I want to step into the light
To see your smile
I want to hear your laugh
I want to tell you how I feel
But as the darkness consumes me
I realize I can't

The cold eyes stare
Their gaze cutting like knives
Into me, my soul, and my heart
These are my final words
My mind slips into insanity
I love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I found today an old notebook of mine that has some of my poetry from a couple years ago, and I decided to put some online. I hope you all enjoy them. Because it is old, I apologize for the lack of rhyme, as well as a lot of uneveness in the style, but I wrote this when I was only new to poetry.

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