how can I say?

How can I say this is just a game. How can I say the ocean is a wave. How can I say blaze on that haze. How can I say I'm frame to using my name and how can you feel the same. How can I say your lame from which you came. How can I say less is more as if it is greater is the cost but not a lost. How can I say you sure force the bondage on people and don't leave them either. How can I say poor is illegal and rich has good feature. How can I say get laid and everything will be okay. How can I say stay I need to feel in control of a slave. How can I say these things that don't have no use if it doesn't have any meaning or won't set you free like if you were driving in a deep with the windows down and you can feel the breeze riding by as it you were flying and feeling free. We really gotta pay attention to what we say and according to the things that we do and what makes us us. Love is a big word but don't know how to use it. Love can be anything because it is powerful and is and in proud. It goes on and love never fail and it is the true. People say they don't love but they like they have no feeling but it's written all over them I can read it. You feed of it cause crave you for it and you need it. You seek it but you pretend you don't. Your afraid won't admit it. You can stay hidden and let your voice not be heard and stay in your prison. How can you say I'm okay cause your not. They say the world is yours or the world is ours but don't receive. There is not even any achievement but trend, social media, and leeches. What do they teach us just leave us. Please you are not okay. How can I say be what you want and not what the world wants because the world is sick and cannot help but it will get you very sick too.

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