A sharp dagger with the strongest alloy and it's very sharp edge has impact me through my chest don't really feel bless but an awful mess. Less and less I think about me and become hopeless. Kill the will that fill with joy and happiness looking like is this happen feeling the energy it was fantastic. At last seem the meek and annihilate peace. Geez when will this sleep in kosher. I saw the knife come at me with the blade that said pain written on it. I was convinced that this is it I been dodging it for my whole life but fight lost and cost is my body and my soul. I feel cold the horror that trigger my heart that start and the blade that pierce my chest. I must confess I miss the things I can hold on for dear life and not fall for one second. I reckon I never check it like my life gave me more lesson. Yes I finish the sentence. I fallen to the pain from an unknown trace because I was trap and I couldn't rely on that place where snake can feast screaming please let me be. Got lost in my thoughts and got hit by a deep. Crazy how I just leap into air and have fear. Stare up in the air as I can see heaven's gates but I wasn't ready. Seriously was merry to see wonder the joy strike me like thunder and lighting. But as I fall back to my destination I land back hit on the ground and pain came with it and again is stuck in my chest the disaster all my heart was after I don't want it anymore but pain has a mind of its own and never leave alone. Lord free me from this evil cause pain is lethal.