Mark Humble: Growlz the Punk Rawk Bluez!


While walkin around

I met up with friendz down town

And we all sat to talk.

This guy with a guitar case

And a sweet singer's face

Past us he did walk.

"Hello fine ladies!" he did say

I asked him to stop, I asked him to play

He smiled and sat on the ground

He was so polite

He seemed so full of life

Thru the mall his voice did sound.

He was a natural strumming those strings

He can play the guitar AND sing?!

Man! This boy has talent!

His songs and grey-green eyes pierced our souls

Where he came from? None of us knows

But we do know that he'z sweet and valiant.

He told us his story

We told him not to worry

He'll be well known in the end.

I gave him his own guitar

I know he'll go far

The Drifter: My new punk rawk friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I would like the world to know that Mark died yesterday, June 18, 2004 at the age of 24. I have a lil message: BALTIMORE: My friend took ur drugz, ur drugz to his life. If I give u ur drugz back, will you give me my friend back?

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