hope of love complete

and you all know the feeling

like digging beauty from the dirt

your not trying to change

but your burying the hurt

in hopes you'll find down below

a heart ready to bloom

while putting yours away

in mud so cold from winter moon

you ask yourself of time and love

when things will come to pass

hoping once you bury it

a sign will come at last

but patience builds it's empire

on what you think lies bare

but look inside your chest again

you heart remains still there

because you can try to hide away

and tell yourself it's lost

but love will always fill the pain

renewing hope at every cost

we are more than just simple beings

that hurt and hurt each day

somewhere deep inside of us

love always finds a way

so look across your shoulder

in the summer blazing heat

the flower you see blooming

is the hope of love complete

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