+ 27.225 MHz 340: At 1 John 4:8 And Romans 5:17

LOVE is God's essence, thus His Divinity,

so that Love is unlimited infinity,

and Love's abundance of Mercy and Grace

is more vast than all of time and all of space,

yet entirely efficient in the slightest trace,

and never stymied or silenced by sinful perfidy---

the kind that pervades all humanity.

We like to proclaim and judge others' sin,

meanwhile boasting how we are born again.

This judgment is a trespass that cannot

please God; and He will deal, at last, with that lot.

Rather than major (we call it "warning") on damnation,

we ought approach our Lord most worshipfully,

with a sense of joy and jubilation,

guided by the Psalms as our Liturgy

and by the patterns shown us in Revelation.


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