Print This In Vechernyaya Moskva; For Immediate Release

He fooled those blockheads:  as Fifth Symphony passes

through the approval of the Bolshevik Party,
misinterpreted by those Comrades---horses' asses;

the composer's amusement was silent, but hearty.
Perhaps it joined the laughter (one might hope and presume)

that mocks the deviled corpse in Lenin's tomb.

The symphony survived even the murderous guile

in Comrade Joe Stalin's maleficent smile;

Joe Stalin, whom God will damn, and History revile.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

The composer to whom the poem refers is Dmitri Shostakovich.


Although I do not care for deviled eggs, borh for how they are made and how they are named, I thought a nice metaphysical touch would be to called the cadever, in Lenin's tomb, deviled; after all, look at pictures of him---of whom does he remind you?

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