Grateful Tanka, Inspired By Words From Patriciajj

Mary's June nightmare

cleared my own path of debris;

then, other poets

showed me how to navigate,

by poetry, to the stars.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mary Shelley and Patriciajj have both bestowed upon me (though I am undeserving) tremendous poetic blessings.  I urge you to read them both.


Patriciajj is one of those few poets (like Stevens, Eliot, Vergil) whose lines resonate in my soul; whose poems are vitally important to me, their poems having made the Cosmos meaningful and joyous.   Again, borrowing (and adjusting) a phrase Ezra Pound used when speaking of Eliot:  READ HER!


The first line of the Tanka alludes to Mary's novel, Frankenstein.

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