Those Days When I Was Too Young A Poet

I did talk,

while I did walk.

I did sulk,

and I did dare to bulk


when they told me I could make more sense

(at only my ignorance's expense)
when I avoided "did" to change a verb to past tense.


Oh, once in a while, that made for a difficult time,
but Cunningham taught me to solve that problem, in due time.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The poem refers to the greatest rhyming poet of the 20th century, J. V. Cunningham.  His Collected Poems taught me to rhyme properly---and that did not mean using "house" to rhyme with "crown."  My earliest poems were often rhymed inaccurately on vowel sounds.  It is vowel sounds plus the consonants that follow:  "class/pass" "past/last," and not "class/last."

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