+ 27.225 MHz 046: That Is Where Faith Is Most Useful

Who would have though a man mutilated
by beatings and scourging, and then crucified
would have come forth, alive, from the dead?
And our needs that have long derogated
our few achievements will be redeemed, not denied.
Our run-away thoughts (that whisper finality
of death, and oblivion our only destiny;
or else, erase the hope of salvation
to be replaced with easy damnation
with that serpentine derision, "Hath God said?")
must be redirected:
Heavenward where we should place our affection
and not centered on our local aggravation
(bereft, at last, of outward mayhem and projection)
but in Christ's cosmos, in faith, resurected.



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I very much respect your

I very much respect your faith. You Xpress yourself both with power and beauty, Starward.

Starward's picture

Thank you for those kind

Thank you for those kind words.  Any good in the poem is God's, and I hope He will use it for His Glory.  Thanks again for the compliment.