Nocturnes: The District Manager's Disappointment

I was gone one interplanetary year . . .

just one . . . everyone deserves a vacation!

I thought I could trust you branch representatives

to follow our policies directly, and consistently,

even when I am absent.

So I thought.

But I have returned to find the surveilled planet

in chaos---total chaos, do you understand---

all because you did not bother to program

the observers' genetic process to self destruct

before engaging in any harm!

Those two in the country called Russia--

you fools named them Lenin and Stalin;

and that clown you cloned from a clown's DNA,

in that country called Deutschland, Hissler

or whatever his name was; and in Italy,

Benito something or other (at least we had

the Julius Caesar unit stabbed when its

final control mechanisms failed).

I have no idea what to say to the Area Manager,

but I have a fairly good idea what the

Division General Manager will say.

We must begin to use drone devices---

they will be seen by few, unidentified

and unsuspecred by most.

This star system is highly unremarkable;

most of its planets are dead,

that green one there teems with primitive life.

They have evolved from sticks on a fire, through firesticks,

and now they have discovered nuclear fission.

Yes, the thought is amusing---only one brain and four limbs

per person and they have accomplished that much,

with the compulsion of the chaos caused

by your own administrative ineptness.

We will wait a few of their years.

If the situation stabilizies, I will introduce

the Jack Kennedy unit I programmed myself;

but, unlike you freshmen, I have provided

not one but two contingent solutions---

the Lee Harvey Oswald andJack Ruby units,

ready to deploy when the time has gone wrong.

Of course I have to think ahead,

more than you bumbling fools can say for yourselves.

How else do you think I achieved District Management's rank?


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