Sonnet In Honor Of The Evangelist Saint Luke

"[Luke] saw Christ and he saw the world for which

Christ died."

---A. T. Robertson, 

Luke The Historian In The Light Of Research, p. 241.


Luke saw the world for which our Savior died---

tortured and then, in Rome's name, crucified.

And yet, despite the ways priests and prince schemed,

His death achieved the Grace that has redeemed

all His elect, those willing to believe;

whom this lost world simply cannot deceive.

Luke wrote of Him for whom our kind's long wait---

since our first parents fled from Eden's gate---

has been fulfilled and not further frustrated.
Through Him, a new life is appropriated,

and its new joys fully appreciated.

And our sky, in Christ, newly constellated

is no more just some vast space that divides:

but is the nearer of His Heaven's sides.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

The last three lines are an allusion to the last stanza of Wallace Stevens' poem, Sunday Morning.

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