Nocturnes: Division Director's Distress

I have heard their broadcasts----listened quite long
to all sorts:  newscasts, love tales, science fiction
(they call it), and their stupid humors too.
Never have I encountered contradiction
of such profound degree; and self-disgust;
and always seeking opportunity
to take something away from someone else
with the least possible effort needed.
Their planet is the only one of nine
to spawn a life that can be said to have
a rudimentary form of sentience.
Oh, no, you cannot say "intelligence."
Nothing in this system worth preserving:
remove the measurers at once.  We think
another nebula should be arranged:
a new star and  new planets, and a chance
to meet production numbers---quantity
(which means nothing without real quality).
The Partners will not be so lenient
again.  Their expectations cannot be
so sadly disappointed once again.
Your two heads will roll just the same as mine.
And I do not intend to be the fourth
director executed in this term.
Let us conclude:  I think we have agreed
upon the only way we can proceed.
Accelerate that sun---yellow to red;
preliminiary to the nebula,
and better numbers on the next report.



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