At A Tomb Near Bethany

Rehearse again:  you will be quite well paid

for extra effort.  The millstone must roll

smoothly---like that; then through the slot it goes.

But keep the movement quiet as can be.

After Late Lazarus has been, there, laid

into the sepulchre's dark privacy---

the body can begin to decompose.

What do I care for some god, or a soul?

Although I am exmployed by these kind Jews.

I do not share---nor understand---their views.

I heard that Lazarus' sisters have sent

a message to some carpenter who claims

to work great healings while avoiding fame's

allurements, for his higher Father's name's

sake.  But why bring him here, to what intent?

Surely the words he says, although well meant,

will be a common man's talk, given vent

from lips and lungs, but cannot raise the dead

(despite what wishful thought and hopes have said).

Accept the hard truth, as those Sadduccees

do---and they sleep as soundly as they please.






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