The Cellist; Curriculum Vitae

The Cellist's parents were murdered in their

living room by two thugs of Rohm's S. A.


The Cellist's sister was raped by Hitler
Youth leaders who, afterwards, snapped her neck.


The Cellist's brother (so frail) perished of

pneumonia on a stock car to Auschwitz.


The Cellist died at Plaszow on the day---

the very day---Amon Goth was relieved.


The Cellist's own compositions and scores

had burned in the pogrom of Kristallnacht


The Cellist's cello survived multiple

debacles, being found intact in Linz.


Somewhere in Tel Aviv, another young

cellist plays that cello in recital.

College student, majoring in music

(performance) and modern history, she

believes this ground hallows her music;

this ground on which no jackboots have trampled.

Her long black hair flows over her shoulders

the way harmony flows over her soul.

Beneath her long black dress, her stockinged feet

are well aware of the cool, smooth-tiled floor.

The cello's gently minor melody

vibrates beneath her fingers on the strings.

Five changes of keys---smooth, deft transitions---

sing for five voices, stilled mercilessly.





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War And Stupidity

silences too much potential. We are lessened by war and brutality, We have not learned to NOT kill yet. Consider the genius minds of indigenous peoples world-wide, history long. Voices silenced. - slc






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