At Aceldama

[after Psalm 131:1; 1 Corinthians 3:10-15; Revelation 20:11-15]


(to my friend, now as in the past, Craig Newman)


Convinced, are you---Iscariot is damned?

Beware of your own ground when you have slammed

him into Hell.  Jesus, Himself, said "Judge

"not."  And who are you that shall dare begrudge

the disposition of Judas to Him?

That would be blasphemy, not just mere whim.

HIs Grace suffices:  so He said to Paul,

who shared that with us to apply to all---

even to Judas.  As for me, my plate

of failings is too full too speculate

in judgment (Christ forbids) on Judas' fate:

enough, for me, that I appreciate---

even in my own awkward way---Salvation.

The question of Judas' last destination

is one I have learned, wholly, not to ask.

The answer cannot, in this world, be known:

the judgment of each person is the task

of God (Father and Son), and Theirs alone.






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