Your First Lie- Saturday Jan 21, 2015 2:00pm

Lie through your teeth

like the snack that you are

tell me you're at work

when you're really at a bar

And then when I cry

cos I'm feeling so empty

tell me it's my fault

for questioning your integrity

I've had my share of bullshit

I've even passed it out myself

but you don't seem to care

that this relationship needs help.

So the girls in their underwear

looking sexier than me

if that's what you want

then I'll just let this be.

When you can't man up

to the fact that you lied

how can I ever trust you

even though I've tried?

I've messed up before too

I just don't think you can forgive

but I don't keep tallies

on the things we both did.

So let me know what to do

how to trust you again

I just want something real

I just want a real man.