One Sided Love -Friday August 22, 2014 2:25am

"Open up your heart to me

I want to know what's on your mind"

Did you really mean it

or was that just a line?

I smile when you call me baby

when you drop your voice down low

when you talk to me so sweetly

and you really let it show

But guess it's not enough

guess I need something more

guess I need to open this window

and shut this door.

Give up on a love

that never could start

go back to a plan

that doesn't involve my heart.

I put it in your hands

but you really didn't want it

you keep handing it back to me

this is such bullshit.

I can't keep this up

I can't be the only one

I can't try to be positive

when this isn't even fun

I'm done being hurt

I really don't deserve it

just wish you cared what you were missing

and what I was walking away with.