You're Not Sorry- Friday August 22, 1014 2:10am

Ask me what's wrong

when you don't even want to know

guess the ball is in my cout now

I really should go.

You act like you're so great

that I should be so lucky

bet all my dollars on the horse

that never wins in Kentucky.

I was so damn focused

but you broke my concentration

now I'm left here confused

lost in the translation.

And you keep talking about

"when the romance dies"

but you do nothing romantic

and try to break this heart of mine.

There's really no excuse

no kind of apology

you're willing to admit to

to try to get back to me

Should I have expected anything

more than this?

Like it doesn't feel real to you

when we kiss?

This is all to be expected

just another path I've already walked

this would have been so different

had you actually cared when I talked.


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