Breathing Room- Friday August 22, 2014 12:35am

I don't want this anymore

looks like you got your wish

you can be single all you want

find some other bitch

Guess I'm in too deep

I'm too "melodramatic"

I don't want to respond

but it's just automatic.

You want some breathing room

some time to think

All I need is a bowl

and a couple of drinks

I need to take this edge off

to rethink this and refocus

to realize the reality

that there will never be an "us"

All your insecurities

are just pushing me away

tell me is there even a reason

that I should stay?

You tell me I'm interchangeable

like you could easily get over me

God I'm such an idiot

to think we're meant to be.

Time to mature now

time to grow up!

To take a deep step back

and not give a fuck.

You tell me not to be so serious

like this isn't life or death

guess you really don't know me

So I'll no longer waste my breath. 

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