Familiar Sting- Sunday March 1, 2015 12:22am

My mind is blank

my heart is empty

this paged is filled

with the darkest part of me

I haven't seen the sun

in almost a week 

funny what an overcast

can really do to me.

My thoughts are racing

but I must block them out

cos you know when I get this way

what all my thoughts are about.

I imagine myself

finally getting the strength

to walk into the kitchen

and grab the  blade

to hold it to my wrist

that old familiar sting

push it down

to start the bleeding 

hold it down

to my vein

let it linger

feel the pain

it hurts so bad

but that's the best part

now my wrist just matches

my bleeding heart.

Run it across

my soft dry skin

I guess tonight

my demons win.

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