Char- Monday Feb 10, 2015 12:04am

I can't crawl out of this skin

that has trapped me inside

can I just be someone else?

Maybe someone better this time?

I go to the mirror

and shut off the lights

cos I can't stand her looking at me

like I shouldn't be suprised

Like I should have known

that this would all happen

can't be perfect forever

"it's just a matter of when"

it's like learning a lesson

isn't good enough

it has to always be replayed

and remind me of who I was

Now I'm blackened and charred

right down to the core

I just wish he could believe in me

like I was something more.

Scrub off all the blood

wash away the dirt

I've never been the one

that allowed others to hurt

I've sacrificed so much

for so many years

now it's all come down to

these blackened dark tears.

It  isn't worth it

so I'll take a back seat

watch myself destroy me

and wish this could be beat.

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